Easy integration. Latest innovation.

Just the right kind of websearch!

Ad-free search engine

Customizable design

You can customize the appearance of search results with matching company colors and your own logo.


Hulbee Site Search offers you complete flexibility of the search in several languages! We support nearly all languages. The language settings can also be set from the browser.

Source weighting by date

You can easily display and sort the results by the date. For example, the latest documents can be displayed directly at the top.


With Hulbee Site Search, you can display the search results and integrate via XML API completely independently.

Label category

Simple categorization and filtering of search results are a child’s play thanks to our label technology!

Image search

A picture is worth a thousand words. An accurate image search, which is displayed in a seperate tab.

Ad-free search results

No annoying ads and the users will thank you! Ad-free search results with Hulbee Site Search.


Thanks to Hulbee Site Search, innovative synonyms and abbreviations are taken into consideration effortlessly! For example, if the user searches for the word “Microsoft”, “MSFT” is also displayed and vice versa.

Rich Snippets

Assign formatting, images, and special elements to the content snippets displayed in the search.


Design the search results more creatively through thumbnails. You can install this manually or automatically.

Give your results the highest
Give your results the highest relevance!

Hulbee Site Search automatically calculates over 100 variables for every user query. Similar intelligent algorithms are also used at Swisscows.com. So your results are of the highest relevance! 

Smart synonyms Hulbee Site Search has collected dictionaries, thanks to which the results of „Logitech“ are also displayed when searching for „computer mouse“.

Spell check Typing errors happen to every user and the requested information is therefore often not found. Thanks to Hulbee Site Search spell check, the user will find the correct information even if the input is incorrect. This technology even applies to unusual expressions and difficult wordings.

Best possible functionality
for the customer
Best possible functionality for the customer

Frequently searched category labels such as „contact“ or „products“ can be refined in the search results.

Customer service – easy! If the website has problems, they can be solved quickly, independently and uncomplicated by the corresponding portal on the page.

Everything from one source – turnkey
Everything from one source – turnkey integration!

You will receive a compiled package, which you can easily and effortlessly install on your website. No complex programming or time losses for your own developers! With us you get a turnkey integration!

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