You certainly have questions that are still open.
This is perfectly fine!

If you do not ask, you will go on slower.

We have put together some of our customers' questions from the experience and hope to help you with this. If you still have one or more questions, please contact us.

Which formats are supported?

How is security guaranteed?

Semantic and intelligent search?

Are datasets limited?

How complicated is the installation?

Is there an API and / or SDK?

Can the search be done on the Internet and / or Intranet?

What languages does the system support?

How long does the installation of the software take?

What hardware requirements must be met, if I only want to buy the software?

Is the search engine dependent upon the operating system?

Can the user access his documents while on the move?

Which is better: only the search software or the appliance?

Is it multi-client capable?

Can I test it?

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