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Finding unstructured data - that is our business!

Innovation drives us – and we are doing very well!

Our actions at Hulbee Enterprise AG are based on values that emphasize responsibility towards customers, partners, employees and society, while at the same time being future-oriented and results-oriented.

Our goal is to help our customers create new innovations and shape the future of the IT world!

Andreas Wiebe,
CEO Hulbee Enterprise AG

Who we are

Hulbee Enterprise AG is the largest provider of software in the sector of information search and analysis.

The worldwide increase of data in companies is no longer a surprising message! Each year, the company data is doubled, causing employees and management to lose track. Almost every piece of information in the company generates knowledge, but in a year, no one will be able to use this knowledge for themselves. Data is either lost or not found by the software provided. The search for information with the help of tools offered by software manufacturers is unfortunately very inaccurate. Who does not know the problem of not having found an e-mail or having to search several applications (e-mail, file system, desktop, SharePoint, intranet, databases etc.) in order to find the desired information? That's why Hulbee Enterprise AG researches and develops software that helps companies find their own data. Values are very important to us, which is why we offer software that the customer saves on their own IT infrastructure. Privacy is important to us and we live that too!

Various customer groups, whether SMEs, insurance companies, banks or industrial companies trust us!

We are a company with knowledge, know-how and experience.


The variety and amount of content created and used by individuals or organizations double every 12 months.

80% of all content is unstructured.

The annual growth rate for unstructured information is 80%.

75% of all digitized information is virtually inaccessible.

80% of companies want to migrate to the cloud in the next three to five years.

Problem statement

Unregulated and uncontrolled information is of little value - but making it accessible and workable is a source of innovation, efficiency and profit.

According to market analyst Gartner, the cloud market is in its infancy. The reason for this is that the world-renowned providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google offer pure data storage and this is only part of the future cloud strategy. Managing that amount of data stored in the cloud or internal IT infrastructure is creating value for customers, especially businesses.

Market volume

The market volume is currently the largest in the entire IT industry worldwide! The reason for this is the newly created cloud systems. Although the cloud is very good as a technology, if the data cannot be used, the cloud is transformed into a mass grave for information and knowledge.

And we are changing that.


We enjoy working with our partners and not alone. Customers trust local consultants and system houses and we want to research and develop, that's why we like to hand over the sales to our partners. Our typical partners are: local IT service providers, cloud providers, system houses, distributors, etc.

Searching is a thing of the past! Today we find what we are looking for!

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