Finally recovering and using that which was lost!

Finds. Everything. Safely.

Our world-leading enterprise search retrieves lost information! For years, information has accumulated as knowledge in your company, but you cannot use it because this information cannot be found! With Hulbee Enterprise Search, all information, whether on the Intranet or Internet, in any file structure or in archives can be found. Numerous connectors ensure that you can find your valuable information in the most popular software applications such as SharePoint, Exchange, Dropbox and many more!

Whether document search

With Hulbee Enterprise Search, you can search across all areas of your organization, whether it's a normal file structure, storage, cross-regional, or typical solutions like SharePoint, Exchange, or Apple's environment. Everything can be indexed and the staff can finally breathe and find everything. "I have not found it" is therefore a thing of the past.

Or web search

Many companies require the search not only for internal documents or information, but also for the web search or intranet. Large companies, authorities, press portals or eCommerce providers in particular need a smart search for online contents, even if these contents are stored in PDF format. With Hulbee Enterprise Search you have the advantage as a company!

Full security and flexibility!

We provide you with an enterprise search software that you can install in your company on your own servers and under your own direction, ensuring the full security of your data! We offer you every flexibility and the possibility to start Enterprise Search also under every virtual machine. Also, the search is cloud-ready and can run on your own cloud solution.

Top technologies at your service!

For over 16 years, we have been researching and developing information processing and search. Today you and your company can profit from it! Our technology is not only focused on simple search, but also combines information analysis and document management. Many technologies such as artificial intelligence and semantic search are at your service!

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