Hulbee Enterprise Search convinces customers around the world
with advanced performance and innovation.

Simple integration. Fair price. Secure.

Hulbee Enterprise Search not only provides a simple search software, but also consolidates our experience and knowledge, which has been accumulated for over 17 years and combines intelligent search, format diversity, different corporate infrastructures, security, etc. in areas such as document management.

Our goal is to create a timely software technology for you that meets all security requirements. We would be very pleased if you test our software. Request a Proof of Concept.

Our software complements existing software products from other manufacturers such as SharePoint, Exchange, DMS etc. through the innovation of the search. It is thus not a competition, but an addition to and completion of the optimal search in the company.

In just three steps, you'll get to your perfect search:

1. Request a Proof of Concept from us As soon as you have requested the Proof of Concept, you will receive a questionnaire with which we will compile the test version.
2. Install the test version After the installation you have the opportunity to test the software for one month, according to your own needs!
3. From a convincing test to your own software After extensive testing internally and with the conviction of not buying a pig in a poke, you acquire the Hulbee Enterprise Search.

The most popular features at a glance:

Guaranteed security of all data 100%

Security plays a very important role for us, therefore we take the safest precaution in the distribution of rights: Active Directory settings. This ensures 100%, that the files are only displayed to the assigned person.

Fuzzy Search

Hulbee Enterprise Search thinks ahead and knows how to deal with typing or entry errors: Fuzzy Search finds data even with transposed letters and word shortcuts.

Virtual machines capable

The use of virtual machines has long been a trend! Hulbee Enterprise Search can work with all virtual machines established on the market. VM Ware, Oracles VirtualBox or Microsoft Azure – everything works!

Language independent

The whole world is talking about globalization. Accordingly, documents are multilingual. Hulbee Enterprise Search searches in all languages of the world! With just one click, the language of the interface can also be changed.

Easy installation

Even though Hulbee Enterprise Search is aimed at IT-makers and administrators when it comes to the installation, it is still very easy to configure. Even an administrator Junior can set up the software within 1-2 hours, including coffee break.

Semantic search

Hulbee Enterprise Search „thinks ahead“. If you don’t remember the exact search term you might not find the document you need. Our search engine makes suggestions based on your entry that could fit the entered term. Through the semantic search, searching will be comfortable and stress free!

Regarding costs affordable for each company or authority

Enterprise search engines are usually priceless and cost a lot of money. We wanted to put an end to this and now offer a powerful search engine for small businesses. The license costs are paid monthly, so that no high amount has to be paid at once! Thus we promote small and medium-size enterprises.

Innovative and intuitive

Since we already have more than 15 years of experience in document and knowledge management, we have designed our software in such a way that it is easy to understand and intuitive to handle for everyone – even without training. In other words – it is foolproof. Innovation has long been our strength; therefore our software has the best of advanced features: semantic search, Boolean search, artificial intelligence, learning ability, behavior adapted to the user etc.

Document preview worldwide unique!

To us, a preview window is not simply a display of a document. Problems occur, if during the search documents with a large number of pages appear. Usually you don’t have time to read through it all. Therefore, we have used a technology that summarizes texts according to their meaning. Through this innovative technology the user is able to make decisions a lot faster, plus he saves time!

Unlimited amount of data

Hulbee Enterprise Search is designed for both large corporations as well as for small businesses. According to statistics, data is doubling every two years. Thus, for the search engine the challenge arises to search within millions of documents and Hulbee Enterprise Search masters it with flying colors! Also for hosters with lots of storage data!

Flexible and customizable through SDK and API

Many companies are very creative technically and want to adapt Hulbee Enterprise Search to their own needs. Like a LEGO System you can adapt our software to your IT needs and expand. Whether Internet or Intranet areas, everything can be linked by API and expanded by SDK!

Format diversity - it's almost everything!

In a business there are many creative formats and not every search engine can deal with them. Hulbee Enterprise Search finds almost all the formats in the world - all Office file formats and emails, Open Office files, archive formats (Winzip, Rar…), PDF, pictures (JPG, PSD), media (mp3, mp4, wav), Source Code and Scripting (cs, vb, js) Hypertext files (html, xml, htm) and many more.

The search appliance is tailored to all company sizes.

Contact us, we look forward to your call or inquiry.

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