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According to analysts, an employee spends an average of 120 minutes searching for documents.

Calculate here how much time and money your company spends with the document search.

Number of employees in the company:

x 120 MPD x 254 working days =

HES: Hulbee Enterprise Search

Do not spend time searching - just find!
Experience the new and secure feeling that you have found everything you were looking for!

Hulbee Enterprise Search – with artificial intelligence.
Our search engine intelligently helps you find your documents and information wherever they are, so you can focus on productivity and efficiency.

Guaranteed security for all data 100%

Security plays a very important role for us, that is why we make the most secure provision in the distribution of rights: Active Directory settings. This ensures 100% that the files are only displayed to the assigned person.

Innovative search on the web and intranet

Many companies want their own and innovative search for the website or intranet. Through the Hulbee Enterprise Search software, you get a semantic search of the information with a high-quality results relevance. You also have the option to customize your search using API and SDK.

Flexible and customizable through SDK and API

Many companies are technically very creative and want to adapt our Hulbee Enterprise Search to their own needs. We will be pleased to provide you this opportunity! Like a LEGO system, you can customize and extend our software to your IT needs. No matter whether Internet or Intranet, everything can be linked by API and expanded by SDK! You can also connect your own development environment to our search, so you remain independent from third parties.

Perfect GSA (Google Search Appliance) replacement

Do you want to replace Google Search Appliance? Then you are right with us! We offer you the smooth, innovative and secure replacement of the GSA. Since many companies already own their own servers and data centers and prefer to rely on the virtual machines, we also offer you the replacement of the GSA as a pure software solution. More...

HES: Find the right edition for you!

Each company has different requirements.
Find out which edition suits you.

If your company needs other license quantities, please contact us. Available from 100 users! We would be happy to create a Proof of Concept with you.

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