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According to analysts, the average company employee spends roughly 36 minute hunting for documents.

Work it out for yourself - how much time does your company spend looking for documents?

Number of employees in the company:

x 36 minute per day x 254 working days

Are you satisfied how quickly you will find documents in your company?

We offer an effective and innovative tool that would help your company to search for documents! Even if you’re on the move, you can still access the document search function!

Application software: Hulbee Enterprise Search

Our software solution for searching your lost data

If your company is already equipped with the hardware and only requires the software solution for the document search, our company is flexible and simple. You have the opportunity to only order the Hulbee Enterprise Search software. In this case, we are asking you to make sure that your hardware is powerful enough to index all your data and to provide fast data transfer for your employees. Hulbee Enterprise Search also works on VM.

HES 20
20 Licenses
4’000 GBP Buy now
HES 100
100 Licenses
17’000 GBP Buy now
HES 250
250 Licenses
43’000 GBP Buy now
More than 250 Licenses
On request* Order
* Please contact us if your company needs other license volumes.

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The most important functions at a glance
High security
Innovative and intuitive
Semantic search
Fuzzy Search
Format diversity
Through SDK and API flexible and expandable
Affordable for every business
Easy installation
Language independent
Unlimited amounts of data
Virtual machines
Intelligent preview window

Use knowledge more creatively.

Find unstructured data with Hulbee Enterprise Search.

Server products of Hulbee Enterprise Search - an optimal combination of efficient hardware and enhanced, groundbreaking software, which has been designed for Hulbee by engineers to carry out effective searches in the local network. The search solution can be purchased as search appliance (hardware and software) or individually as software only. Properties of the system:

Hulbee Enterprise Search

Innovative Search Appliance for any department of your company!

Hulbee Enterprise Search Appliance is an intelligent and innovative search application, with the help of which employees from anywhere within the company can search for any document in a matter of seconds. As it is browser-based, you can search for documents no matter which operating system you use or where you might be.

The appliance consists of two key components:

  1. The innovative “Hulbee Enterprise Search” search software
  2. A high-powered server, with technology that will remain cutting-edge for years to come.

The assignment of employees will be organised through the Microsoft Active Directory, thus ensuring the integrity of the data.

The Search Appliance is tailored for any size of company. As SMEs are also important to us, a small business with just one person can also benefit from this solution.

The Server Appliances are subdivided into four types of company: up to 20 users, up to 100 users, up to 250 users and 250+ users.

After purchase, the Search Appliance belongs to the company - as a consequence, there are no further annual fees to be paid!

Search appliance: Hulbee Server

All-in-one data search solution

Server Hulbee is a modernly equipped and reliable technological solution. We’ve gathered together the most powerful and reliable components for you, which match all modern standards.
The modular design of this server means it can be upgraded further and offers extra equipment features.
You can learn about these further possibilities here.

server M HulbeeServer M
Ideal solution for smaller companies with up to 20 employees
5’000 GBP Buy now
server L HulbeeServer L
Peak performance for demanding tasks in companies of up to 100 employees
22’000 GBP Buy now
server XL HulbeeServer XL
Maximum power and proven endurance to meet any requirement in companies of up to 250 employees
50’000 GBP Buy now
server ES HulbeeEnterprise
If your business has over 250 employees, we are happy to create an individual solution for you that combines your requirements, your or our hardware and our software.
On request Order

Discover a delightful experience.

Business cases of companies that use Company Search.

BORN Green Technologies is an IT software and services company based in Zug, Switzerland. There purpose is simple – to support clients in achieving an effective, efficient and sustainable IT environment by identifying, selecting and developing transformational technologies.


Established in 1986 and headquartered in Romanshorn Brüggli now is well-known with its active social position. Today there are more than 650 employees in this company. And all of them rely on the data security of which replaced Google search across the enterprise.


Founded in 1939, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is the only Swiss company to develop, produce and sell aircraft to customers around the world.


The Center for Continuing Vocational Training (ZbW) is an upper secondary school, which is anchored in Eastern Switzerland. It was founded as an association in 1946 at the initiative of industry, commerce and the public sector. Around 450 teachers work for the ZbW in addition to their main occupation.

Technical questions concerning the software and technology

The answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Which formats are supported?

How is security guaranteed?

Semantic and intelligent search?

Are datasets limited?

How complicated is the installation?

Is there an API and / or SDK?

Can the search be done on the Internet and / or Intranet?

What languages does the system support?

How long does the installation of the software take?

What hardware requirements must be met, if I only want to buy the software?

Is the search engine dependent upon the operating system?

Can the user access his documents while on the move?

Which is better: only the search software or the appliance?

Is it multi-client capable?

Can I test it?

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Our clients

Our solution is suitable for all types of company!

Hulbee Enterprise Search can be usefully implemented all over the world and in any sector where documents are created and edited. Our clients come from across the spectrum of corporate sectors, and from every corner of the globe. Here is a short extract:


Hulbee Enterprise Search has been designed for large enterprises as well as small companies and offices. Among others the Search Appliance is suitable for doctors and pharmacies, law firms, companies from the financial and industrial sector, public authorities and many others. With Hulbee Enterprise Search documents are found quickly by entering a search term. Thanks to modern technology, user-friendly interface and simple operation, employees have all documents under control, and are able to work more efficiently and save valuable time.